Who is Graymont?

Founded in 1948, Graymont is a private enterprise headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia and serves customers from a network of close to 25 locations spanning the United States and Canada and four locations in New Zealand.

Graymont’s operations are focused on the production of high calcium and dolomitic lime and value-added lime-based products such as hydrated lime and precipitated calcium carbonate as well as pulverized limestone and construction stone.

Graymont has roots stretching back almost seven decades and operations which, in some instances, have been lynchpins of their local communities for well over a century. As might be expected of an enterprise with such a history, Graymont takes a long-term approach to business that is evident in its strong commitment to sustainability. Graymont strives to be an industry leader and attain world-class performance in all aspects of its operations, particularly in the areas of workplace health and safety and environmental stewardship.

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